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Our design


People feel most comfortable with natural lighting.
Following the same philosophy, and also to grasp the qualities of nature,
NobleSpark uses pleasant,natural and balanced indoor lighting concept. 

Simple and Irresistible 

we create a relaxing atmosphere which will give you tranquility and a true-to-life lighting environment in the comfort of your own home. 
In designing our new product line,we make every endeavor to pursue the most simple and basic belief of creating a natural,inspiring and innovative living concept.


 Not like many design firms focusing special project like hotel, salon or some commericial event , NobleSpark designs lamp for the normal people for the normal life.Each of our products you can use to decorate your room just so easily and natually. 

We call it a true-to-life design style.


Our material

Polypropylene: Our lamp-use-Polypropylene has the best quality in the industry.The average thickness is 0.4-0.6mm, ours is 0.8mm, which make the lamp not only more stable, but also add the profound feeling. Moveover, it is fire prevention, antistatic and high light transmission.


Glass: our glass lamps are totally handcrafted and fine art.


Transparent and Clear Fine Glass


Our Studio



Live Noble, Spark the future




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